Pricing depends on the size and type of organisation, as well as the activity.

  • Departmental usage
    • starts at £30,000/annum
  • Hospital
    • blend of size and patient activity
  • Clinical pathway (Line of Care) usage (e.g. diabetes or MSK) across multiple stakeholders
    • fixed annual licence: calculated on total cohort of patients, equivalent of £5 to £9 person per year, based on the size and number of organisations
  • Population health usage
    • covering social care, mental and independent organisations
    • fixed annual SaaS licence, equivalent of £1.50 to £2.50 per citizen based on a total population

PKB is delivered as a Software as a Service. There is one annual subscription for all services covering software, integrations, training infrastructure, hosting etc.

There are no big capital outlays, nor hidden service charges nor billable extras. One priceto budget and plan against.