Procurement Frameworks to Purchase PKB

Patients Know Best is on a number of Frameworks that allow direct procurement, rather than needing a full OJEU process. Each Framework has different rules that allow direct award, mini-competition and full competitive tender. Please each listing below and contact us directly for further information:

London Procurement Partnership (LPP) - Clinical Digital Information Systems (CDIS) Framework

Patients Know Best are on two Lots:

  • Lot 3.5 Interoperability and Interfacing
  • Lot 3.6 Clinical and Patient Portal

The CDIS framework allows the purchaser the ability to run their own internal competition and then award directly via LPP, or to have LPP run a competition on their behalf. The contract terms can be up to 5 years in duration with ability to extend for further periods. There are 12 products/suppliers on each Lot and a fee is payable to register to use the Framework.

Please contact us, if you would like assistance with competitive analysis.

NHS Shared Business Services (SBS) - Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Framework

Patients Know Best is the only patient/clinical portal supplier listed on Lot 4 Schedule Remote and On Demand Services. As such, an organisation that sends SBS a specification list for technology associated with a patient or clinical portal will result in PKB being identified as the only solution able to meet these and a Direct award being made.

It is free to register and use by any NHS organisation (if not already registered). Click here for more info and contact for assistance.

A specification list is available to use on this site, but please get in contact if we can provide any further information.

Digital Marketplace - 'GCloud'

Using the GCloud Framework (Digital Marketplace) a direct award can be made for any of PKB's services through using the search term "patient-controlled record".

As PKB is the only supplier to be returned under the search then a direct award can be made under the terms of GCloud. Please contact us for more information.

Patients Know Best is a population health information exchange with patient control over data sharing. PKB is hosted within the NHS Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) - formerly N3 network. It's designed for use by all health and social care organisations across an entire region to provide integrated care and patient access to information across a population.

Patients Know Best is a consolidated record of all sources of information in primary, secondary, mental and social care as well as third sector, private providers and citizen-entered data. PKB connects and empowers the citizen to manage their own health and wellbeing with an extensive set of tools and resources

Patients Know Best is a patient-controlled record hosted within the NHS N3 network. It is a medical record designed for use by patients, carers, NHS Trusts, Local Authorities, Charities, Social Enterprises and other organisations involved in the care of patients, particularly those with complex, long-term conditions necessitating multidisciplinary care.

Patients Know Best is a clinical portal designed for borderless sharing of information. The NHS N3-hosted cloud-based system delivers a consolidated record from all sources across primary, secondary, mental and social care, including public, private and third sectors. Uniquely, data sharing is under patient consent with granular privacy labels.

HSSF (Health Systems Support Framework) - formally the ACS/STP Framework.

Patients Know Best successfully completed acceptance on to this framework, independently under both Lot 2B (Local Health and Care Records) and Lot 7 (Patient Empowerment and Activation).

Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) Framework – Online Consultations

Patients Know Best are an approved supplier on the DPS framework for online consultations. This allows CCGs to utilise a central funding stream to enable the implementation of online consultation solutions within their CCG/regions. PKB went through stringent scrutiny and achieved all necessary requirements to comply with the Online Consultations technical standards.

CCGs/STPs are required to run a mini-competition where only approved suppliers can compete to deliver the requirements of the organisation.

WALES: Digital Patient Service Partners, Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

In September 2017, Patients Know Best was accepted as a supplier onto the Welsh Digital Patient Services DPS.

Organisations utilising this framework are required to run a mini-competition where only approved suppliers can compete to deliver the requirements of the organisation.

WALES: Once-for-Wales call-off contract

In December 2016 ABMU and Velindre ran a competitive tender process for a Patient Held Record. This tender was a "once for Wales" approach, designed so that any NHS Wales organisation could use the contract without need to repeat the competitive tender process. As such, this required Health Minister approval and sign-off, which was given, and PKB was the successful supplier. There is a 4-year period to use this mechanism.