Population Health

By combining the solutions inherent to a Health Information Exchange along with the functionality of a Consent Engine PKB has created a scalable and adoptable model to facilitate sharing health data at population scales.

PKB's platform enables Population Health by

  • provide a scalable solution across populations via a SaaS deployment model
  • eliminating data fragmentation, unifying data across traditional health boundaries and data silos
  • facilitating Care Management and coordination across care settings
  • dissolving barriers to information exchange via PKB Integration Engine providing a complete picture of medical history
  • solving the complexity of information flow by putting the patient at the center
  • delivering patient consent mechanism that is easy to understand and use

By incorporating PKB into a Population Health Solution organizations are able to

  • lower cost by reducing duplication of tests
  • improve quality by improving diagnosis based on a holistic view of a patient's health
  • increase patient engagement through sharing of data

PKB is currently being deployed across several defined health populations including Stoke and Staffordshire and North West London as part of theImperial College led Care Information Exchange project to a population of 2.3m people. PKB is providing the system required to create a single integrated digital record provided to every patient across 8 CCGs and connected to all acute, primary care, mental health and community systems in

North West London.