Health Information Exchange

As a social enterprise, Patients Know Best (PKB) created the world’s first patient-controlled medical records platform delivering the benefits of both an health information exchange and patient portal.

PKB takes a copy of all the health information held about an individual and creates one integrated patient-controlled record.

Traditional HIE's consist of a number of components which are intrinsically delivered by the PKB platform including:

  • CDR - PKB delivers one centralized, secure data repository.
  • Consent Engine - PKB's cutting-edge consent engine puts the power of consent into the patient's hands allowing them to simply choose which organizations to share information with as well as restrict based on 4 privacy labels.

  • Integration Engine - PKB's purpose built Integration Engine (PIE) has been designed to effectively and efficiently share information between all ancillary systems, effectively creating a hub and spoke model, with PKB at the center, collecting and sharing all patient information.
  • Patient Portal - PKB puts the patient at the center of their health, allowing them to access, share and update their data from any device at any time.
  • Provider Portal - A separate user experience is delivered for professionals allowing for easy searching of patients and drilling down into patient details.
  • Messaging - Messaging is an out of the box feature delivered by PKB. Discussions can be initiated by patients or providers, bringing in as many parties as desired with direct health data point referencing.
  • EMPI - Due to the unique model of PKB being at the center of interoperability, with the record following the patient across care boundaries there is no need for a commercial EMPI solution. PKB can effectively translate any local or national patient identifiers and reconcile patients across data silos.
  • Analytics Dashboard - PKB provides BI and Analytics reporting along key metrics including
    • User engagement
    • Feature usage
    • Integration
    • Messaging