As a social enterprise, Patients Know Best (PKB) is the world’s first patient-controlled medical records platform which is now recognised as the leading health information exchange provided by a patient portal.

PKB acts primarily as an online Patient Portal, but has the capability of an Integrated Digital Care Record, a Health Information Exchange, and a Population Health solution; it acts as the complete vertical stack. It also contains a Consent Engine, built specifically for sharing of patient data.

It is accessed by patients and clinicians, through any internet browser or smart device, on a web platform that is easy to navigate. Institutions also connect into the services via seamless integration with their existing systems, benefiting from both the sending and receiving of data.

PKB works by receiving a copy of the health information held about an individual and creating one integrated patient-controlled record. The patient or a professional (with appropriate consent) can invite whomever they want to view the record, from clinicians to carers, as well as charities and support groups. This brings together all care providers from community care, to primary and acute care providers, as well as charities and local authorities. PKB is deployed across a diverse set of specialities and regions, such as end-of-life care, oncology, rare-diseases, long-term conditions, mental health, and proactive health and wellbeing programmes.

The health information can be interacted with in a variety of ways, such as discussions with clinicians and health workers. The platform encourages self-management via Care Management and patient engagement. Information can be added via consumer devices, or manually entered. Health organizations can then make use of this data, adding it to their own records and performing analytics to improve the quality and decrease the cost of healthcare.

The service complies with the highest of security requirements, both in transmission and storage, using standardised communication protocols enabling integration with over 100 apps and devices. The services is also translated into 19 languages, and can be used anywhere in the world.

PKB is already being used in 54 sites across 8 countries, is part of the NHS Innovation Accelerator, and has already proven that it can scale up to all services provided in areas covering more than 2 million people.

PKB is a social enterprise working for the benefit of patients, certified as a UK B Corporation also recognized by Ashoka, UnLtd, and the National Lottery’s Big Venture Challenge through awards due to our focus on patient care and trustworthiness to store patients’ data.

The following is a short demonstration of the PKB solution.