Press Articles and Reports

Key stories

  • PKB part of NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA) programme
  • PKB involvement with NHS Vanguard site - The Symphony Hub
  • CRUK and National Cancer Registry connecting to PKB
  • Irish Hospice Foundation and national end-of-life care programme in Ireland
  • PKB being used across the community and linking with RiO
  • Patient Information Forum report into PKB
  • PKB trains medical students click here and pharmacy students click here
  • 'Do patients know best?' - article in The Telegraph click here
  • 'Giving access to medical records to addicts" - article in The Guardian click here
  • 'Should patients be in control of their record' - article British Medical Journal click here
  • 'Saying goodbye to paper records' - article in Hippocratic Post about regional deployment, the Care Information Exchange, using PKB click here

Government and organisational white papers referencing PKB as best practice exemplars:

  • 2012 DoH White paper: "The power of information: Putting all of us in control of the health and care information we need" click here
  • Parliamentary briefing paper: "Electronic health records" click here
  • 2016 Nuffield Trust report: "Delivering the benefits of digital health care" click here
  • HSCIC use of Skype in NHS click here