Integration Engine

PKB connects to any electronic medical record system, lab system, imaging etc. as well as primary care and social services IT systems. Each organization controls what information it sends to the patient account as well as what information it receives. Standardized message formats are used allowing for fast and reliable information exchange.

PKB has accomplished this integration with over 100 different institutions within primary care, acute hospital, community, mental health trusts and social services directorates as well as over 100 apps and devices.

In most cases, the interface/integration engine of the organization sends HL7 messages to PIE (PKB Integration Engine) so that one connection delivers all necessary information. PKB integration is accomplished via 2 avenues, HL7 ( and REST ( APIs. HL7 integration is strictly inbound data flow to the PKB repository while the REST API allows for 2-way push and pull data flow. PKB is also developing FHIR APIs and will be moving over to this standard in the near future.

PIE supports:

  • Public and private key encryption; in transport and storage
  • Integration with 100+ devices to automatically upload data
  • Device integration via REST API
  • GP system integration
  • Bi-directional EMR integration