Care Management

PKB contains state-of-the-art clinical management features to enable both clinicians to manage their patients without an appointment, and for patients to self-manage their health:

  • Self-monitoring and tracking of symptoms via
    • Integration with telehealth/telecare apps and devices allowing home monitoring of symptoms, for example blood pressure, weight, and blood glucose
    • Integration with over 100 consumer apps and devices, such as Fitbits, Apple Health, and wearables
    • Symptom trackers and surveys distributed by the clinician to the patient
    • PROMs and PREMs specific to the patient and team
  • Viewing and interacting with personalised care plans that can be updated remotely, and contain dynamic content (web pages, video, multimedia)
    • Linked with clinical alerts at thresholds that feed-back to the relevant clinician for pre-emptive care
    • The plans can cover treatment, self-management, outcomes, therapy plans, assessment and discharge information, crisis care, relapse prevention etc.
    • Built in HTML and can include educational videos, pictures and documents.
    • Designed to complement or replace existing paper-based approaches.
  • Distribution of a library of electronic resources, including information leaflets, booklets or other reference materials
    • Both general libraries and content specific to the teams the patient is under
  • Self-reporting via an online journal, for patients to keep a diary
  • Uploading and viewing of scans and results, including comments on each if available