Implementation Plan

A typical PKB project implementation plan looks like the following:

Phase 1: PKB service design and integration planning (2-6 months)

  • Creation of Project Steering Group
  • Creation of implementation and roll-out plan
  • Create communications and engagement strategy for citizens and professionals
  • Onboarding and identify verification process design for citizens
  • Professional training
  • Information Governance review
  • Identification of functionality schedule
  • Creation of integration requirement and specification plan
  • System and user acceptance testing

Phase 2: Go-live and initial roll-out in identified organisations (6-12 months)

  • Health and social care pathways
  • Integration implementation
  • Functionality review, build and release

Phase 3: Integrations live + operational, Service evaluation and scale-up (12-18 months)

  • Support of current live integrations and expansion
  • Support and refresh for each stakeholder
  • Onboard any remaining/new organisations
  • Agile software development and release cycle
  • Continuous assessment, feedback, review and adaption

Phase 4: Consolidation and expansion (12 months)

  • Evaluation and consolidation of services
  • Review of integrations and adaptations
  • Continuous assessment, feedback, review and adaption